Looking for a staffing agency that offers excellent rates, exceptional customer services, the right personnel when you need it, and above all results. Realizing that there are many staffing agencies in the area, there is only one choice "Staff Connection".


Why do companies need Staff Connection?

To stay competitive in business, companies need to focus on profit-making activities, reduce administrative costs and attract highly productive employees. Staff Connection is a leading staffing and employee leasing company which provides solutions designed to help companies save time and increase their bottom line.


Staff Connection's comprehensive package of services includes:


Administrative Tasks
When you enter into a co-employment agreement with Staff Connection, we assume responsibility for keeping up with government and industry-driven regulations, employment administration, and liability management. This means you can refocus your energies on the marketing and production of your product or service.


Payroll Processing
Staff Connection generates payroll checks and, since we become the employer of record, we file related payroll tax returns and tax deposits.  Because of our payroll expertise and superior processing software, we are able to efficiently and accurately process your payroll, regardless of complexity or size.


Staff Connection helps you manage your risks and obligations as they relate to government regulations and employer/employee litigation issues. We also help create a labor-law compliant employee handbook that fosters structure, consistency, and improved communication.


Employee Benefits Strategies
Staff Connection conducts a thorough analysis of current benefits provided, and based on our findings we propose a plan for the design and procurement of new and additional programs, ongoing benefits, and administration functions like enrollment and employee communication.


Human Resources Consulting

Staff Connection offers expert human resources consulting within the structure of a complete PEO (Professional Employer Organization) relationship. Our human resources consultants take care of the business-end of employer-employee relations including employment law, health and safety laws, compensation, fair employment practices, labor relations, and personnel procedures.