Staff Connection knows that it's employees and customers are equally important. Whether you're looking for permanent or temporary positions or just wanting to supplement your income, it can be difficult. So look to Staff Connection because we're committed to finding the right position for you. Our impressive success rate is based on our unique candidate to position network.


How to Apply

Ask yourself one question. Wouldn't you like to know who is assisting you with your employment needs? Although we accept resumes by fax, email and regular mail we prefer to meet and spend time with you to have a better understanding of what you are looking for, your qualifications, and services which better meet your needs.


We can offer the following services for applicants:

Direct Hire.

Temporary to Permanent Placements.

Temporary Placements.

Outplacement Services.

In house Office Services.

Computer Based Training.


If hired as a temporary employee we offer the following benefits while working on assignments:

Weekly pay by direct deposit or mail.

Vacation & holiday pay upon eligibility.

Employee of the month program.


Never a fee to job seekers!
Some Key Interviewing Tips

Be prepared.
Neat, clean and appropriately dressed for the position.
Maintain eye contact with your interviewer.
Be positive.
Listen and adapt.


Some Key Interview Questions
Tell me about yourself?
Why should we hire you?
What can you do for us that someone else canÂ’'t?
What do you look for in a job?
What skills and qualifications are essential for success in the position applying for?
How long would it take for you to make a meaningful contribution?
How would assignments fit into your overall career plan?
How would your supervisor describe your abilities and attributes?
How would you describe your abilities and attributes?
What do you think of your present or past boss?
What significant accomplishments have you achieved?
Can you work well under pressure and deadlines?
What are your strong points?
What are your weak points?
How did you do in school?
What was wrong with your current or last position?
What kind of hours are you used to working or would like to work?
Can you explain your salary history?
Do you have any questions?