At Staff Connection we understand the importance of a quality workforce. We provide specific services tailored to specific industries.


Traditional Staffing. (Temp to hire)

This is a win-win situation! We can save you the advertising costs as well as the lengthy process of reviewing resumes, testing, reference checking and performing background checks as needed. The potential employee can also demonstrate their skills and capabilities as well as have the opportunity to see if your company dynamics is what they are looking for. Your company is able to hire the individual after a 90 day period with no rollover fee.


Day Labor Services. (Daily Placements)

Staff Connection provides industrial labor staffing solutions to employers seeking to fill day to day positions. We are a leading labor force.


Direct Placements.

We offer head hunter services to our customers who opt to hire candidates directly, without having to go through the lengthy recruting process, at a flat fee.



We provide payroll services to companies that have selected individuals and elect to not put the person on their payroll. The individual selected, after meeting our hiring criteria, becomes our employee and we assume all employment liabilities.


HR Extended Services.

No company likes to lay off or let people go... we can also offer outplacement services. We can provide in-office services such as pre-screening, testing, background and reference checks of your potential full time permanent applicants and narrow down the best qualified candidates for interview.



We offer extensive training programs catered to our customers needs.